The Community Foundation plays a pivotal role in the health of this region. It demonstrates how residents take charge of their own opportunities and its challenges.” - Andrew B. Paterson

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$10K/10HR Challenge

Thanks to this reade

Thanks to this reader for snarihg the insights. Can only say Amen. Be aware that most 3rd-party-run care systems’ are rife with intentional or unintentional abuse of the frail elderly in care. Know that by aquiescing to this type of system you are tacitly agreeing to abuse of your loved one for the sake of perceived conveniences’ on all sides.If you don’t like that option, be prepared to launch yourself on the adventure of a lifetime to offer your frail edlerly a meaninful, dignified, alternative you can be part of. It could be the making of you as a human being.Also, be aware of what drugs your frail elderly are given when, and track the behaviour in the hours before and afterwards. I know, for instance, that had my elderly mother not advocated tirelessly using a nonthreatening but insistently inquisitive, scientific approach, i.e. But WHY does he only fall at this time of day from dizziness?’ she led their family doc into the realization (with my help: I asked WHY he was on a heart regulator drug still, when he had a pacemaker? these are neophytes’ questions, remember!) that my father was on meds he didn’t need. And had been for a long time. Turns out THOSE were what had caused him to fall numerous times, his head often taking the bleeding brunt of the falls, with ambulance attendants needed to help get him up again. Whether we are friends or family, WE know our frail elderly best: we are more alert to their historical selves, more alert to their behaviour routines. We need to stay connected and aware when we’re with them. Then we can advocate intelligently, with observations to back us up, when the need comes and it will very definitely come.

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