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Success Stories

Dream Big, Dreams Do Come True

Kenora Baseball League, Receiving Grant June, 2009

This is what the Kenora and Lake of the Woods Regional Community Foundation offers our Region – The capacity to dream. To look outside the box and make the impossible – possible. – Denise Forsyth

For the Kenora Baseball League (new name, now that we are part of Baseball Manitoba) the Community Foundation has enabled our Club to purchase the right tools to teach our young ballplayers the sport of baseball.

Building a child’s confidence by using proper equipment creates a positive playing atmosphere and a healthy community. Partnerships with community organizations, business and the City have be initiated and sustained through the Challenge Grant process, which in turn has enabled our Club to be affordable and accessible to all youth in Kenora.

In recognition of the significant contributions made to Kenora Baseball League our Club will show our gratitude to the Kenora and Lake of the Woods Regional Community Foundation by having a new team on the roster – the Community Foundation Dreamers.

Submitted by Denise Forsyth, Grant recipient, June 2009 (City of Kenora for Tri-Municipal Baseball League).

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