Thank you for caring for others - Judy Belrose, In a letter with an enclosed donation (December)

The Results of Your Generosity


A grant of $2,980 to SPACE in the fall of 2015, has had a huge impact! The grant provided a safe space for LGBT2S+youth/young adults, to develop supportive community, share experiences, understand that they are not alone, develop leadership skills and confidence, self-esteem, self-worth, share stories, and to provide education regarding all facets of LGBT2S+ health, spirituality, mental health, and connectedness.


Onigaming Animal Control 

A grant of $2,500 in the fall of 2015, to the Onigaming Animal Control Organization, helped reach the goal of making the community aware of the importance of spay and neuter programs to all canines in Whitefish Bay.

They completed twenty one surgeries and fifty six vaccinations, deworming, tick treatments, microchips and tattoos.


Kenora Association for Community Living

A grant of $4,320 in the fall of 2015, to the Kenora Association for Community Living, provided funds to purchase bowling passes for vulnerable adults with a physical and/or developmental disability, mental health issues or seniors in a low income bracket who were able to bowl on Wednesday and Saturday afternoons. This grant removed the barrier of cost that is often associated with having an active lifestyle. Bowling participants not only enjoyed a game of bowling but were able to exercise and interact with other community members while gaining self-determination and confidence.

Opening our Doors

A grant of $7,100 in the fall of 2015, to the Opening our Doors Group, has been used for the purchase of food to prepare meals for Kenora’s local hungry/homeless/street folks. The goal of the program is to feed the hungry, make connections with our community’s marginalized citizens and reduce fear and barriers often accompanying street people. Over 1,930 meals were served in our first year.

The Salvation Army

A Grant of $3,438 to the Salvation Army, was to supply hats, mitts and socks to each child who’s family applied for Christmas Hamper

We accomplished this project by supplying new pairs of mitts/gloves, a hat/tuque and at least 1 pair of socks to every child (228 children in total) enrolled in our Christmas Hamper program.

The impact was that each of these children had warm hands, heads and feet. We hope to continue with this project this Christmas as it is very successful.


The Kenora Pickle Ball Club

A grant of $3,486 in the fall of 2015 helped The Kenora Pickle ball Club to grow the sport in the Kenora Region. The Kenora Pickle Ball Club hosted an open house in June and it was a huge success. We have attracted people from San Diego, Baton Rouge, Chicago and all over Canada. People from Westhawk Lake and Clearwater Bay travel in on a regular basis to our community to play. The extra equipment, wind nets and marketing dollars have enhanced our facility and created a good basis that we hope to grow on.


Moose N’ Fiddle Music Festival

A $1,871 grant supported expenses related to the 2016 Moose N’ Fiddle Music Festival, which took place in Nestor Falls, Ontario at beautiful Caliper Lake Provincial Park, under a canopy of old-growth pines and along the water’s edge. With the support and commitment of the Kenora and Lake of the Woods Regional Community Foundation and especially the designated funds from the anonymous donor (from the Sioux Narrows-Nestor Falls region),

The Moose N’ Fiddle Music Festival met its “mission and mandate”. The Moose n Fiddle Music Festival is an event of municipal significance and we are thrilled in the ways in which it builds “community” with a goodly measure of excellence.


Vilij Well Youth Drop Centre

A grant of $4,193 for the Vilij Well Youth Drop in Night in Sioux Narrows, is a means to engage local from the Sioux Narrows – Nestor Falls township and the surrounding First Nations, in community-based activities in a safe and positive environment. It is carried out by adults in the Sioux Narrows area. It is a direct response to the need for more recreational and social opportunities for young people due to the isolation, economic and infrastructure challenges in this northern community. Youth gather in a supervised, caring atmosphere to join in creative pursuits.