Loonie Bear

“A loonie for the love of the lake”

In May 2006, the city of Kenora received a truly unique gift courtesy of Andrew Paterson with the arrival of a cuddly bear  by the name of loonie bear. However loonie bear isn’t your ordinary bear, standing 8 feet tall, weighing 12,000 pounds, loonie bear doesn’t like to eat picnic baskets but would rather eat loonies and toonies!

The one of a kind loonie bear is situated downtown on the Harbourfront with two safes that have been cleverly crafted into the bear. This unique bank will serve to raise funds for the Kenora and Lake of the Woods Regional Community Foundation.

“We must all do something to make our community even better by caring for our neighbours for the benefit of generations to come. The loonie bear will encourage people to make donations to help strengthen the community by supporting their local Community Foundation” Andrew Paterson

Paterson and his family have proudly been a part of the Kenora community for many generations and are pleased to provide a gift that will benefit future generations to come. Mr. Paterson stated that the bear is for the children and asked them to keep the bear in their hearts and make sure he is “well-fed.”

Inscribed around the coin slot, is the phrase:  “A loonie for the love of the lake.”