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2012 Annual Reports Generously Donated by Hook, Seller & Lundin

Hook, Seller & Lundin with the 2012 Annual ReportsWith another year behind us, The Community Foundation was eager to assemble the many milestones of 2012 into an Annual Report. However, how do you choose just one image to represent so many achievements? So, we had to ask ourselves; what does the Community Foundation do, not just this year, but every year? Luckily, Jim and Diane Clarke helped us answer that through their garden. Very passionate about gardening that each year they plant seeds, nourish them, and watch them grow. Congruent to our passionate donors, who do just the same – their seeds, in the form of endowment funds, are nourished and grown into fruitful returns for the community, year after year. It is the philanthropists, like Jim and Diane, who exhibit and understand the objectives of the Community Foundation and all it stands for so well, that we couldn’t be more pleased to have them represent the cover of the Community Foundation’s 2012 Annual Report!

Alongside our donors, the lawyers of  Hook, Seller & Lundin LLP also understand the importance of the Annual Report which is why, for the second year, they have graciously donated the design and printing of 500 copies of the 2012 Annual Report.  “The Community Foundation needs to be able to show the donors, recipients, and as well as the general public the impact the Foundation has on the Community. The annual report does that.” states Randy Seller.
They also want to inform donors and potential donors of the experienced professionals behind the organization, “the financial information is crucial to showing donors that we are responsible stewards of their financial donations”,  says Seller.

Donations like this allow the Community Foundation to share the impacts we, as a community, make in the Kenora and surrounding area. A big thank you, again, to Hook, Seller & Lundin for their generosity and help in growing the Kenora and Lake of the Woods Regional Community Foundation. Here’s to a successful 2013!

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