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Flow Through Fund Created to Support Ukrainian Refugees in Kenora

Kenora and Lake of the Woods Community Foundation is pleased to announce the creation of a new flow through fund to assist Kenora Supports Ukraine. Donations will assist overall efforts in helping Ukrainian refugees resettle in the Kenora area, providing educational, employment, housing, and financial support.

You can donate by going to www.klwcf.ca, click on the DONATE now button and choose the “Kenora Supports Ukraine Flow-through Fund” to make your donation.

Executive Director of KLWCF, Tara Douglas says “This is a hugely impactful initiative in our area during a troubling time in the world. Introducing this fund really showcases our Community Foundation’s mission to improve quality of life for citizens and visitors to the region.” She goes on to say, “As a foundation we are thrilled to be assisting Kenora Supports Ukraine in reaching their fundraising goals by bringing our community together.”

St. Alban’s Cathedral has graciously partnered with KSU to make this flow through fund possible. Thank you for your continued support of the Kenora community.

For more details and media inquiries about the flow-through fund, follow us on Facebook and Instagram at @KLWCF or email community@klwcf.ca


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