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Another Successful Granting Year

The Kenora and Lake of the Woods Regional Community Foundation was pleased to have another successful granting year. Because of all the hard work from both donors and volunteers, together we granted just over $150,000 to various charities in the local area. Both summer and fall granting ceremonies highlighted all the great causes and gave recipients a chance to speak on behalf of their organizations in appreciation of donor support.

The 2011 granting ceremonies featured two fantastic speakers; David Northcott (summer) and Dennis Alvestad(fall). Both gentlemen spoke of the importance of giving back to your community and the role that the Community Foundation plays in facilitating philanthropy. Both speakers praised community leaders and volunteers for their vision in establishing the organization and stated that community building is available to all those interested in making a difference.

Grant Categories

The Community Foundation considers grant applications made by charitable organizations that fall into the following categories: Arts and Culture, Health and Wellness, Social Welfare, the Environment and the Community at large.

Eligibility and Process:

To be eligible for a grant, an organization must have a registered charity number and the project must primarily benefit the citizens of Kenora and the Lake of the Woods Region. There are two grant deadlines per year. To receive an application form, complete grant application guidelines or our application deadlines, please call the Community Foundation at 807-467-4427 or visit our Grant Applications page.

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