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Captain Kindness helps celebrate Random Act of Kindness Day®

A caped figure was seen dashing around Kenora on Friday November 9, posing for photos, giving out hugs and cookies and generally being a “super nice” super hero to everyone she met! New to Random Act of Kindness Day® this year, Captain Kindness and her Kindness Crew are an initiative of the Kenora and Lake of the Woods Regional Community Foundation.

Random Act of Kindness Day® hopes to reinforce the Community Foundation’s vision of building a better community and also encourages the ‘pay it forward’ philosophy. The premise behind the day was to celebrate and perform kind acts and to build community connections and engagement. The goal was to “friend raise”, not fundraise.

Many individuals and organizations took part in the day including: Pope John Paul II School and students, Saint Thomas Aquinas School and students, Copperfin Credit Union, LOW District Hospital Foundation, The Dingwall Ford Group, The City of Kenora: City Hall Staff and Rec. Centre Staff, 89.5 The Lake, Q104, Kenora Association for Community, Kenora Public Library, The Lions Club, Image One Designs and the many anonymous donors who made lives brighter that day in their own quiet manner.

Thank you to everyone who participated – please feels free to view all the photos and hope to see you out again next year!

We send along a special note of appreciation to the staff of Copperfin Credit Union for their many OUTSTANDING acts of kindness of this special day. They are an inspiration to us all! Please find the detailed summary listed below:

  • Delivered coffee and doughnuts to the local mechanic’s shop.
  • Delivered hot chocolate and cookies to the workers at Second St. for their coffee break, and upon the delivery it was immediately deemed “coffee time”.
  • Purchased a book of stamps at the post office and asked them to give out stamps to people that need one.
  • Helped a youngster cross the street
  • Took Coffee and homemade cookies to our Sioux Narrows-Nestor Falls Municipal Township staff
  • Gave a greeting card and homemade cookies to a very kind local grocery store worker
  • Took a spider plant in a clay pot and get well greeting card to our Postal Mistress.
  • Gave a Copperfin Mug filled with candies and chocolates to a local woman that fosters dogs for It’s a Dogs Life.
  • Gave a local business owner Copperfin gym bag
  • Our manager bought brownies for our staff room this morning and prepared coffee for everyone.
  • Gave flowers to random women in the branch throughout the day. Every one of them was so happy and thankful to receive them ‘out of the blue.’
  • Donated money to the veterans and bought 10 poppies and gave them to people who were not wearing one.
  • Took flowers and a greeting card to a local woman who does so much for everybody in our town.
  • Gave Frisbees to any child that came into our branch as well as a fruit by the foot candy.
  • Purchased coffee’s for 2 locals that were having a ‘get-together’ at a local coffee shop.
  • Gave homemade cookies to random customers that came in to do business.
  • Gave a thank you card to a woman Sioux Narrows that does so many kind and compassionate things for our Copperfin staff.
  • Gave flowers and cookies with a greeting card to a local woman that often helps families in times of need and always comes in with a smile.
  • Bought and gave 2 men that work outdoors some hand warmers for their gloves.
  • Picked up 48 dozen mini cupcakes and delivered: 2 dozen to Kenora Emergency Department and 2 dozen to our local Firefighters Department with a thank you.
  • Made several homemade muffins and a cake and delivered to the following;
  • Staff at SMB school, the staff of the Keewatin Medical Clinic, staff at Rosie’s Value Auto, Keewatin Branch staff, Co-op Gas station staff and City of Kenora staff.
  • Delivered hot chocolate and cream cheese bagels those in need.
  • Brought in the neighbors garbage cans for them.
  • Brought flower bouquets and visited some residents in Pinecrest who don’t often get visitors.
  • Paid for the person’s lunch behind us in Tim Horton’s and McDonald’s line.
  • Brought a large container of hot chocolate and marshmallows to St Louis school.
  • Brought croissants and cheese to the other financial institutions in town.
  • Left flowers and a giftcard for our cleaners.
  • Bought lunch for the employees at various gas stations.


  • 89.5 The Lake promoted Random Act of Kindness Day on their airwaves
  • Admin Staff at St. Thomas Aquinas High School - they partnered with the Community Foundation and distributed kindness cards to their students
  • Beave Brae Secondary Staff have supported the Youth in Pholathropy Program for the past six years
  • City of Kenora Staff with their kindness kits which were distributed to their customers
  • City of Kenora's Kindness Kits up close
  • Copperfin's Kindness Crew completed a whole list of kind deeds
  • Image One Designs helped promote kindness in our community
  • KACL's Kindness Crew, distributing free hot chocolate and cookies on Main Street
  • Kenora Lions donate books for early literacy to the Kenora Library
  • Pope John Paul II  admin staff - they partnered with the Community Foundation and distributed over 400 kindness cards to their students
  • Q104 promoted Random Acts of Kindness Day on their airwaves
  • The Dingwall Group donated morning coffee to all the employees of the LOW District Hospital
  • The Kenora Rec Centre Staff provided chidlren and youth with complimetary swim passes from the Douglas Family Fund at the Community Foundation
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