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Community Foundation hands out around $192,000

By Amber McGuckin

Thursday, June 18, 2015 5:54:36 EDT PM


From left: Gillian Prouty, Rebecca Alcock, Dawn Ackabee and Sheri Ricklefs accepting $20,000 for the Paterson First Nations Youth Apprenticeship Program at the Lake of the Woods Community Foundation granting night on Wednesday June 17, 2015 in Kenora, Ont. Amber McGuckin/Kenora Daily Miner and News/Postmedia Network

The Lake of the Woods Community Foundation handed out grants totalling around $192,000 on Wednesday night.

“It’s always an education for myself and everyone in the room to listen to the stories that each group brings to the table,” said Darlene MacGillivray, executive director of the Community Foundation.

A total of $133,000 was split between 26 groups and an additional $59,000 split between 10 registered charities that hold endowment funds with the community foundation.

“Once a year they get the interest growth given back to them to use on their programs however they see fit,” said MacGillivray.

One of the largest grants was the Paterson First Nations Youth Apprenticeship Program grant for $20,000. The program will pay for three health students to work with health nurses in the area for the summer.

“It’s to help get our aboriginal youth experience working in the health care field,” said Sheri Ricklefs, employment counsellor at the NeChee Friendship Centre. “The youth that are doing this are in post-secondary training at this time and they’re getting exposure in the front lines.”

Because of the grant, Gillian Prouty, Rebecca Alcock and Dawn Ackabee will be able to work in the health field for the summer.

“This summer job means that I can get lots of experience in the health care setting with patients,” said Ackabee, who will be helping with a van that does eye checkups.

Alcock will spend part of her summer phoning people who are due for a mammogram.

“It’s good to have more experience and getting to see different parts of health care. It’s nice to see the whole picture before being an RN,” said Alcock, who has one more year of nursing school. “I want to come back to Kenora and work for a bit, then hopefully specialize in the future.”

Prouty is from Wabaseemoong (Whitedog) First Nation and is working towards being a nurse practitioner. This summer she will be working with health promoters and nurses.

“I’m looking forward to learning about the different roles in health care,” said Prouty.

Other groups in Kenora like the Kenora Public Library, Triple PLAY, the Kenora Association for Community Living, Kenora Fellowship Centre, Habitat for Humanity, The Cat Shelter and Women’s Shelter, Saakaate House were awarded grants.

The community foundation also said farewell to board president Don Parfitt who is stepping down from his role.

“I don’t plan on leaving and going very far. This is sort of near and dear to my heart,” Parfitt said.

Dennis Alvestad from Copperfin Credit Union will be filling Parfitt’s position.


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