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Community Foundation Surpasses $10,000 Goal

Written by Grace Protopapas on Saturday, 31 May 2014

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From left, Kelly Williams, co-chair of the 10 Hour challenge, Megan Dokuchie, co-chair of the 10 Hour challenge, and Brenda Chambers-Ivey, community foundation director, stand in front of a poster showing how much money they’ve raised.

The Kenora and Lake of the Woods Regional Community Foundation celebrated their 10 year anniversary with a special 10 hour event yesterday. The community foundation was looking to raise $10,000. However, they blew that out of the water in the first two hours. Executive director, Darlene MacGillivray, spoke about what they had raised just over three hours in.”We got another huge gift from Andrew Patterson. He said if you reach $10,000 I’ll give you $10,000. I think we reached that at 11:15 this morning so right now we are at $52,000,” she said. There were numerous challenges put out to the community to help raise money for the various endowment funds including a BBQ run by Triple PLAY. MacGillivray spoke about the biggest donation they received yesterday. “Our biggest gift received to date is $25,000 from Wauzhushk Onigum Foundation and Golden Eagle Charitable Bingo Hall in support of a endowment fund they created a few years ago. It was this morning at $25,000 and now it’s up to $50,000 for First Nations scholarships and bursaries so they are so thrilled,” she said. While a grand total has not yet been released, MacGillivray said it was already a huge success.

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