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KMTS features the Community Foundation in the Kenora Telephone Directory

Kenora– The Kenora and Lake of the Woods Regional Community Foundation is pleased to announce that KMTS (a division of Bell Aliant) is featuring the Community Foundation on the back cover of the 2012 Kenora Telephone Directory. “In a few short years, the Kenora and Lake of the Woods Regional Community Foundation has become a fundamental piece that defines the quality of life we enjoy in Kenora and KMTS is proud to assist the efforts of the Community Foundation and the dozens of community groups they support”, says Mike Greaves Product and Market Manager for KMTS. “This type of promotion is unique, difficult to value and is a departure from how the KMTS Directory has been used in the past; however, the reach of the KMTS Directory is a great match to the scope of the Foundation, “he says. “The 2012 KMTS Directory will have 18,000 copies in circulation and will provide year round visibility for the Community Foundation,” he adds.

“This is a very significant gift to us says,” says Community Foundation president Don Parfitt.” KMTS has been a major sponsor of our fundraising events in past years, but this contribution will help us grow our endowments and continue to develop our grant making programs for the benefit of individuals in the Kenora and Lake of the Woods Region. KMTS has given us the opportunity for maximum exposure again this year in every household in our region.”

The Kenora and Lake of the Woods Regional Community Foundation is a volunteer driven, public foundation, which accepts donations and builds endowment funds – creating a nest egg that will always be there for the community. The investment income earned on the funds is granted to local registered charities that enhance the quality of life, in line with the donor’s wishes. Our catchment area includes the City of Kenora and the neighbouring communities of Reddit, Minaki, Sioux Narrows- Nestor Falls, the First Nations Territories and the unincorporated territories surrounding Lake of the Woods. Since 2004, thanks to our generous donors, $2.6 million has been contributed to our endowment funds and $854,000 has been granted to over sixty different local charities.

Because the Community Foundation supports all kinds of charities- not just one sector or issue area – we are well positioned to bring diverse voices together to address local issues. Together we build networks, we collaborate; we build community: Building Forever…Together

For more information, please contact:
Darlene MacGillivray, Executive Director, Kenora and Lake of the Woods Regional Community Foundation
467- 4427


Mike Greaves, Product and Market Manager, KMTS

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