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Muskies on Main

The annual Muskies on Main is set to kick off June 22nd and run through to the end of September. Art will once again be hung on display at Memorial Park (Museum), McLeod Park (Husky the Musky), and the Discovery Center. The art will be displayed at the Coney Island Music Festival on Sunday, July 27th, before being returned to mainland August 12th. Handcrafted muskies will also be on display in flowerbeds along the Harbourfront. Lake of the Woods Art Community is encouraging artists to create their own Muskie from whatever material they wish, as long as it’s durable for summer weather. They are also encouraging community groups to join the fun, and create their own muskies. To allow for photography of the art and placement onto their website, all art must be submitted before Saturday, May 31st.  The event is being sponsored by the Kenora Arts Project.



            From an artistic perspective Sweet Charity is nothing more than the marriage of a fertile imagination and technical proficiency. Materially she is simply a conglomerate of plastic, rosin, paint and varnish. However, conceptually she represents a truly worthy endeavour.

Sweet Charity is an analogy of the concept of giving and receiving as idealized by the mandate of the Kenora and Lake of the Woods Regional Community Foundation. On her left flank the outflow of financial support, as represented by leaping waves flowing from the hands of a donor, travels along the length of her body to be deposited into the hands of the Foundation. Alternatively, her right flank depicts the outpouring of this charity from the hands of the Foundation and into the hands of various social, cultural and environmental causes throughout the Lake of the Woods region.

Surely ‘Sweet Charity’ is one of the highest virtues the human race can aspire to, the willingness to give of ourselves as a means of enriching our community for the benefit of all.

W. F. McFarlane

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