Types of Funds

Community Fund

A donation to this fund provides the donor with the greatest amount of flexibility for their contribution. This type of fund is not tied to any specific charity or area of interest. This allows the Community Foundation to respond to the immediate and changing needs of the community.

Field of Interest Fund

Allows the donor to designate a specific area of interest in which charitable grants can be made, while entrusting the Foundation to select specific projects for support.

Our field of interest categories

  • Arts and Culture
  • The Environment
  • Social Welfare
  • Health and Wellness
  • Community at Large
  • Community Leadership
  • Animal Welfare

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Designated Fund

Gives donors the opportunity to specify which charities they would like to support in perpetuity.

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Donor Advised Fund

Enables donors to have on going participation in the selection of charities that will benefit from their gift.

Charitable Agency Endowment

Allows registered charities to set up a fund without the responsibility of investment management. Once established, the charity can encourage donors to contribute to the fund.

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Memorial Fund

Allows family or friends to remember a love one forever, by establishing a fund in their name.

Can be established in the form of any of the above fund types in memory of a family or individual. The grants awarded may be unrestricted to adapt to the community’s needs, advised by one or more people or designated to the donor’s favourite charity. Often, these funds are established with large gifts coupled with smaller donations in response to obituary notices.

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Funds Held for Others

A registered charity entrusts the Community Foundation with a portion of their assets, while the charity retains the ownership of the assets.

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