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For the health and safety of our staff and all visitors the KLWCF office is closed to the public but be assured we remain operational and do continue to conduct all other normal business. We are pleased to connect with you by email, phone or video conference. Please note our spring Grants program remains in operation and is proceeding as per usual at this time.

COVID-19 Response Statement

A Community Foundation

A Community Foundation is an independent, volunteer driven, charitable organization that helps facilitate community philanthropy, by working with both donors and local charities and providing leadership on issues of community concern.

We hold collection of charitable funds established by people from all walks of life who have one thing in common – the desire to make a difference in their community… forever.  Community Foundations are organizations that invest for the future.

Donations to endowment funds are pooled together and invested. The income from these investments is then used to make grants to support local registered charities, while the capital remains untouched. Donations made today will generate gifts in perpetuity.

Community Foundation’s are amongst the fastest growing forms of philanthropy in Canada today and they all share three special features:

  1. Endowment Building
  2. Local grantmaking expertise
  3. Community Leadership

We are one of 191 Community Foundations across Canada with combined assets of over $5.1 billion. Together we have granted over $243 million to thousands of charities across the nation.

Giving to The Kenora and Lake of the Woods Regional Community Foundation