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The Results of Your Generosity

Science North Kenora Summer Science Camp

A grant of $1,500 to Science North assisted in costs required to offer summer science day camps in Kenora for kids aged 4-14 years. The goal of the camps were to make science fun and accessible to everyone. Kids were able to learn, conduct experiments, and learn things that with a larger classroom just weren’t possible. For example, one day kids learned how to make their own bubble solution, learned about floating cities and fire safety, the five senses, etc.

Kenora Fellowship Centre Food Programs 

A grant of $4,065 to the Kenora Fellowship Centre helped provide nutritious means to people in need on a regular basis during a time where Agape Table was closed. The Fellowship Center was able to continue providing free breakfast to over 50 people daily and lunch from 20-60 people.

The food program benefited the community by hopefully reducing the level of shoplifting and crime related to theft as it came to feeding themselves. It also strengthened individuals who otherwise would have gone without eating.

Kenora Special Olympics

A grant of $6,000 was able to support 35 Special Olympic Athletes in their regional competition in Thunder Bay. Athletes competed against other Northwestern Ontario clubs in bowling and swimming. The Regional Games determined which athletes might qualify for the Provincial Team and for the National Team.

Kenora Sexual Assault Centre

A grant of $2,000 to the Kenora Sexual Assault Centre helped to run the “Sassy and Classy” group, which brings young women together to talk about issues they are experiencing and how to empower themselves for the future.

The program initiated conversation about sexual assault, consent, self-esteem and other factors and worries young women may be facing and not learning about during school hours. KSAC partnered with Kenora Association for Community Living (KACL) and they brought some at risk young women that they felt would benefit from the program.

Kenora Urban Trails Committee

A grant of $1,000 to the Kenora Urban Trails Committee was used to redevelop and print the Lake of the Woods Regional Trail Guide, which is the most popular publication handed out at the regional visitor centres. The redeveloped guide include the addition of the Great Lake of the Woods Trail, the Path of the Paddle land route, and the expansion of the accessible Rabbit Lake Trail. The Guide is a key tool in helping promote Kenora to tourists as well as to Kenora residents. Approximately 40,000 copies were printed.

Mental Health and Addictions Program for Lake of the Woods District

A grant of $2,000 to the Mental Health and Addictions Programs for Lake of the Woods District helped support the “Be in the Know” campaign, led by Kenora Substance Abuse and Mental Health Task Force. The campaign brings together many different mandates (enforcement, alcohol distributor, child welfare and social services, mental health, etc.) to combine messaging into a comprehensive local resource. The campaign will continue into 2018.

As part of the campaign the grant provided:

25 posters displayed in the community;
500 pamphlets distributed at RIDE checks over the 2016;
Christmas season, displayed at the LCBO and provided to school mental health leads;
Facebook ads displayed from December 26th – Jan. 1st, 2017

Beaver Brae Secondary School Circus Camp

A grant of $6,000 to Beaver Brae Secondary School helped incorporate a circus camp into one of their academies, which offered an extracurricular activity for students who don’t usually participate in sports. The goal of the program was to increase at risk student engagement through circus skills and several entertainers were brought in to work with students and teachers. Many relationships were formed/strengthened and an increase in self esteem and engagement in class was observed in many of at risk students.

Township of Sioux Narrows-Nestor Falls

Moose n Fiddle Festival 2017

A grant of $3,885 to the Township of Sioux Narrows-Nestor Falls helped support the 2017 Moose n’ Fiddle Festival. The Festival in Northwestern Ontario puts professional artists first, enhances cultural experiences in rural and remote areas, and helps to ensure that a summer outdoor music festival is accessible and affordable.

Sioux Narrows-Nestor Falls Public Libraries

A grant of $9,065 to Sioux Narrows-Nestor Falls helped support operations and projects for the local public libraries. With this grant, library services in both communities, Sioux Narrows and Nestor Falls, continues to meet the needs of community members, seasonal residents and tourists alike.