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June 2015 Granting Ceremony



Words of Welcome

Don Parfitt, President, Kenora and Lake of the Woods Regional Community Foundation


Recognition of Volunteers


Special Presentation to Don Parfitt


Leaving a Legacy

Brenda Chambers-Ivey


Distribution of Grants

Richard Roy, Director and Grants Committee Chair

Paterson First Nations Youth Apprenticeship Program

Total Grant: $20,000

Ne-Chee Friendship Centre


Charitable Agency Endowment Fund Distributions: $59,335

Kenora Public Library: $6,658

Triple PLAY: $10,152

District of Kenora Home for the Aged (Pinecrest Home): $9,759

Kenora Handi Transit: $3,195

Kenora Special Olympics: $1,091

Women’s Shelter, Saakaate House: $6,068

Minto Parent Child Resource Centre: $1,486

 Kenora Association for Community Living: $16,012

FIREFLY: $4,875

Pellat United Firefighters (PUFF): $39

Moffat Family Fund Grants

Total Grants: $49,000

In Support of Children and Families:

Kenora Safe Grad: $5,000

Keewatin Public Library: $4,500

Kenora Skating Club: $4,500

Sunday Smiles Family Entertainment Series: $3,000

Evergreen Public School Breakfast Program: $4,000

Minto Parent Child Resource Centre: $13,130

Kenora Scouts: $2,870

Triple PLAY: $12,000

Canadian Pacific and Kenora Employees Community Grants

Total Grants: $8,000

Northland Supportive Housing: $3,579

Women’s Shelter, Saakaate House: $1,500

Kenora Fellowship Centre: $2,921


Lake of the Woods Dream Fund Grants


In Support of Community Needs

The Marr Family Fund, The Dingwall Family Fund, The Pedersen Family Fund

Anonymous Family Fund

Total Grants: $23,401

Canada Day Celebration Committee: $1,500

Sioux Narrows-Nestor Falls Healthy Living Coalition: $955

Safe Communities Kenora: $1,250

Kenora Substance Abuse & Mental Health Task Force/

Kenora Coalition Against Sexual Violence: $3,000

Habitat for Humanity: $5,000

Kenora Sexual Assault Centre: $1,696

Green Adventures: $3,500

Kenora Fellowship Centre: $5,000

Women’s Shelter, Saakaate House: $1,500


Keewatin Forever Endowment Fund

Total Grants: $2,445

Lake of the Woods Historical Society: $1,945

St. Andrew’s United Church Garden: $500


Treaty Three Police Service Fund

   Kenora Fellowship Centre: $494

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